Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Fun Night and Valentine's Day

First off....Happy Valentines day from our house to yours. We hope that your life is blessed with as many people to love as ours is.

We have had a superb weekend, and we're sad that it has to come to an end. Brandon and I both finished our research papers and put them in the mail on Thursday. The fact that it's a relief is an understatement. We feel very relaxed and are able to be better parents because we aren't stressed out about grad work.
To celebrate, we took Myah and Maysen bowling for the first time on Friday night. We all had a blast, and since the girls both slept all night, we know it helped wear off some energy that gets built up over the winter months. Brandon had the highest score, and both of the girls beat me....yep, sort of humiliating, but oh well. They got to use fact this bowling alley is the most high-tech place I've ever been (besides the one ride in Epcot Center that's all about the future...sad that I can't recall the name of the ride right now). The bumpers are automatic and only come up for the people who specify that they want to use them. Also, there are ramps for the girls to use to help them roll their balls down the lane so they don't roll so slowly (see pictures). Perfect Games (just a few blocks from us) also has a huge arcade and and a bounce house so we spent some time doing those things as well.
It was so great for us to be able to go out as a family and not have to worry about what grad work has to be done after the girls go to bed. The following photos are from out fabulous family night out. They are all great, but be sure to check out Maysen giving Brandon a high-five and Myah with a huge smile on her face (which rarely happens in pictures).

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  1. Absolutely adorable :) Love the digital scrapbook page that Heidi did of the girls.