Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Thing About Parks....

Last Saturday, we made our first trip to the park of the summer (it is summer, right??)....oh, wait, Brandon just told me it's only spring, that I'm on Spring Break....not Summer Break.....huge bummer! 

The thing about parks is this....
You can't go on rainy days (enough said).
You can't go the day after it's rained....there are puddles at the bottom of the slides and in the rocks by the swings.
You can't go in the winter because everything is buried under the snow.
You can't go in the heat of summer because your poor kids burn their little bottoms and legs on the equipment.
So....there are really only a few days in a year that are really perfect for the park.  They tend to be in March, April, May, and October.
My girls really do love going the park.  Their favorite part is the swings, which totally defeats the purpose of going because I like to take my kids to the park to tire them out, but they absolutely LOVE the activity that makes Brandon and I do all the work...huh, go figure!
Last year, Mylie was too little to go to the park.  She loved every minute of it on Saturday.....have a look for yourself.

Lovin' the slide
Do we dare introduce her to the swings??
As long as the sisters are willing to push her :)
Good Teamwork, girls!
Maysen can do it all by herself this year!!
Wearing out daddy...underdogs take a lot of work

Hope we continue to have nice days like this!

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