Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boji...part 1.

A week ago, we were making the final preparations to head to boji and now we're getting ready to head back home in the morning. A week from today, we will be making the trek back up here so it's all good!! Here's a look into our last week....

Last Thursday, the girls went to the dentist to get their teeth all Princess Sparkly Clean! Both girls were given a clean bill of health and their first fluoride treatment.

A last minute trip to the mall ended up with some coin rides (of course!) Daddy warned me as we walked out the door shouting "You better take a few dollars in quarters!" We also snagged some adorable Red, White, and Blue dresses for the 4th (see below) at an outstanding price, so of course I couldn't say no to another pretty dress!

Friday morning before we left, we went to the Fire Station for story time and learned about Fire Safety. We got to tour the fire house and see where the firemen eat, sleep and workout. Fireman Jess put on his fire gear for kids to see that firemen are still the same people in their outfits and they are not scary.

Saturday was our first day on the boat. It was a bit rough, but worth it since we didn't know what the weather was going to be like the rest of the weekend. Brandon joined us on the boat which doesn't always happen since he's not really a water person. Apparently he's not a sunscreen person either ;) The rest of us applied it more than once....guess he never got the hint. Dont' you dare blame it on me....I already had two kids to worry about :) Here's the lobster's before and after.

Of course the girls loved driving Papa's boat! And blowing the horn...

I had a craft for us to do. We dipped pipecleaners in glue and glitter and made our own fireworks. (Thank you, Family Fun magazine!)

It's always too busy on the lake on the 4th so we played with big bouncy balls on the deck and hung out around the house. The big kids went to The Nadas at Arnold's Park before the fireworks that night. These are the adorable dresses I couldn't turn down.

One of the "Must Stops" on our trip is always Goodies. It's homemade chocolates, and always delicious. Here's a picture of the girls enjoying their white chocolate flower suckers.

Wednesday was our trip to Arnold's Park. The girls had a blast and it was so much fun watching the girls enjoy attractions that I enjoyed all of my childhood.

Our last stop today was to Mrs. Lady's where the four or us shared an Insane Taco. This thing is huge!

I've already got a list of "musts" for when we come back in a week, but this week was pretty great! We just love boji!

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