Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Full Swing

Our bronzed shoulders and swimming suit line tans are proof that summer is in full swing! Summer will really begin for us this weekend when we venture to Okoboji!! Summer has always been represented by trips to Okoboji since I can remember, and I can't wait to share the enjoyment of the busy yet relaxed atmosphere of 'Boji life. I've spent the better part of this week so far making piles to get ready to spend the better part of July in 'Boji, but here's what we've been doing in the meantime!

The girls and I spent last weekend in Lake Mills with my parents. Two trips to the swimming pool where I was a lifeguard for 9 years, two trips to the park, and ice cream treats were enjoyed by all. We also got to spend an hour in the basement on Saturday night after the tornado siren went off.....that was interesting with two three-year-olds. They did great, but they were so tired and didn't understand what was going on.
They both used to fit in this brass tub at my parents' house, but don't anymore so they have to take's actually quite comical because they still try to get in at the same time.

As I was unpacking from the weekend, this Miss Fabulous Fashionista graced our hallways. Sunglasses on top of her head and high heels...just like mommy!

Monday, we went to Bandshell Park to see the Dan Wardell Reading Roadtrip. Dan Wardell is the PBS Kids guy on IPTV and he travels to various libraries each summer. He reads a book and does goofy actions along with it. He also teaches about healthy eating and exercise. Though he works for a TV station, he advises kids to turn their TVs OFF, and head outside, use their imagination and read a good book. Our friends Myah and Macy (and their mommy, Mary) joined us. It was a good time....even though we were hot, sweaty, sticky and past naptime :) Smyles (the blue dog) from the library was there and both girls gave him a hug. Each kid also got a new beach ball, which the girls thought was pretty cool.

Today (Wednesday) Ava came over to play for a while. Ava is the daughter of our former nanny, Melissa. She had an interview this morning and asked if we would watch Ava for a little while. We loved every minute of it. Of course the girls had to hold her numerous times. She's a sweetie!!

Lastly, we treated ourselves to some ice cream today. Daddy Love had a ColdStone Creamery giftcard and he invited us to go along to use it (like he had a choice!) First we ate quesadillas at Panchero's and then had dessert next door at ColdStone. Here's daddy sharing his Peanut Butter Cup Perfection with his perfect daughters!

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