Friday, July 15, 2011

Checking In

Were you getting worried about me? My wonderful friend, Meg, gave me the nudge I needed to get something up on the blog after a 2 week hiatus! We've been busy (aren't we always), though I didn't have a ton of pictures for any one specific outing.
Since I last posted....

*The girls finished up swimming lessons--the Preschool 2 level. They learned to front and back float by themselves. They did so well in fact, that the teachers recommended that they skil Preschool Level 3 and just go to Learn to Swim Level 1 next summer!! That kind of news excites this swimmin' momma!! We continue to get to the pool every chance we get....the girls LOVE going down the waterslide.

*We went to 'Boji over the 4th (and are preparing to head up again the end of next week!). We went to Arnold's Park twice (remember they got season passes for their birthday) and they tried the trampoline and loved it. We're pretty sure that it used to cost extra for that ride, but this year it's included in the admission.

*We went to Lake Mills' town celebration-July Jubilee-where I ran my first post-baby 5K (in about 34 minutes....not spectacular, but not too bad) and Mylie enjoyed her first parade!

*M&M have been begging for haircuts because their hair gets quite tangly with all the swimming and playing outside. It doesn't really look any different in pictures, but is more noticable in person. They each got about 3-4 inches taken off.

*Before the most recent heat wave, we were able to spend an afternoon at the park. In the summer, it's too hot to go to the park a lot of times so it is a special treat. Something we do more of in the spring and fall. Mylie even got her first ride on the slide :)

*We made a family trip to Hyvee for supper (Chinese, of course) and grocery buying. Believe me when I say it's no small feat for a family of 5 to go to the grocery store. We did have a good time, though!!

*My friend, Anne, welcomed us over to her pool the other afternoon so that M&M could play with her daughters E&L. It was a fun change of pace!

*On the rare occasion that Mylie gets a bottle (still of breastmilk, of course) M&M have had fun getting to feed her.

*We have more playdates and outings scheduled so hopefully I'll do a better job of posting. We hope you are having a wonderful and safe summer! Thanks for checking in on us!!

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  1. you guys are so busy! i can't wait to see you for a full week!!!