Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Don't tell her I posted anything about this because I surely don't want to jinx anything.....Myah has been completely dry for two days straight now. Today, she wore underwear to school (because she threw a tantrum, I gave in) and she kept them dry ALL day! I couldn't be prouder of her. She's pretty proud of herself, too, with that HUGE grin of hers when I praise her. I'm hoping for a straight week of staying dry so we can consider her potty-trained! Now I only need Maysen to take some interest!


  1. YEAH! It's so exciting when you can head out of the house without the diapers :)

  2. Just to update everyone....Myah stayed dry all last week, all weekend, and so far Monday and Tuesday of this week! She's still not great at telling us that she needs to go, but as long as we drag her to the bathroom on a consistent schedule, she's dry! YEAH!