Sunday, September 12, 2010

These Shoes Were Made For Walkin'...

Today is the last day of Myah and Maysen's recovery at home from Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery. Tomorrow, they get to go back to school. I don't have any pictures from the surgery (I have a few stories, though), partially because I was a nervous wreck and wasn't thinking about taking pictures of the girls in their hospital gowns, but also because the girls said "no" when I asked if I could take their pictures. The surgery itself went great, and the recovery was pretty great as well. I mean, it was great compared to what we were expecting and what we were prepared for. Either my girls have a high pain tolerance, or three year-olds recover very well.....I think it may be a combination of both. If you ever need to bribe a child to take their not-so-good-tasting medicine, we have found the Mellowcreme Pumpkins to work very well :)
It was my day to stay home with the girls on Friday, which was much needed by this tired mama! I took the girls to Story City to buy some new shoes. They came home with these totally rockin' Skechers!

They were free to get any shoe they want, they did not need to match....I know! Mom's branching out, here!! Myah originally choose a different pair, but we got home and realized they had a heel on them (tennies with a heel...for kids? Really!??) and she fell down a few times in the first few minutes she wore them so we went back on Sunday to exchange them. She choose the same as Maysen this time. They do wear a 1/2 size different, though!

Saturday made for a quick trip to Des Moines for the girls and I to get some maternity jeans and ballet shoes. Obviously these items are not for the same person :) M&M start dance on Thursday so stay tuned for another post later in the week on this! Speaking of maternity jeans....I'm now 14 weeks:

still feeling great. The maternity jeans are way too big, but my own pants are just tight enough where they are uncomfortable. The gauchos and stretchy waisted skirts are what I wear the most right now, but the jeans will be necessary before I know it!

Today was the first day of Sunday School for Myah and Maysen (actually the second, but they didn't go last week due to the surgery). They loved it. It was great for them to play with a different set of kids, and for them to get to know the kids they will grow up with in their church family, go through confirmation with, etc. We have a couple of "Giving Missions" going on at church right now so we've been talking a lot about giving to other people and how lucky we are to be able to go out and buy new shoes when we need them, but other people aren't so lucky. We took a trip to Wal-Mart and filled a grocery sack with groceries for the food drive. I let M&M choose all their favorite foods to buy for other kids who don't have a pantry full of food at their house. They chose Mac and Cheese, Spaghettios, canned vegetables and fruit. I do think they understood what we were doing, too, because when we got home we separated that food from the groceries we bought for ourselves and they knew exactly what they were doing. They would say "This one is for those other kids," or "Some other kids don't have as much food as we do, so we got some for them." It was really sweet to see this as it's never too young to teach kids how to give to others. Today in Sunday School, the girls brought home a bank to put money in for the next couple of weeks. In October, they will take the money they collect and buy things at the church's mission store for mission kits.
Not a lot of photos this time, I know some of you look forward to the pictures, but as you can see, we've still been as busy as always despite the surgeries. I'll try to have more photos next time!

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