Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend, the girls and I attended our first ever VEISHEA parade. We've lived in Ames for 5 years now and haven't taken in any of the VEISHEA attractions. Uncle C was in town and joined us:

Some of our favorite parts of the parade include:
The Drum Corp
The Cheerleaders
Smyles the dog (Ames Public Library Mascot)
Scooby Doo Float
And our favorite....the candy! Tootsie Rolls seemed to be the abundant candy given out this year, which is a favorite at our house!

This isn't from Saturday, but it's proof that we had a fun-filled weekend! Myah and Maysen sound asleep on the way home from Pizza Ranch after church on Sunday. We have a busy week ahead of us! Happy Monday.

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  1. Morgan's favorite was the candy too. When she was riding the horse, the girl asked her what her favorite part was and she yelled candy loud enough I though she'd scare the horse!
    As always, fun to see you guys!!!