Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is here!!

Last week, it became official....summer vacation is here! A week has flown by because we've been so busy (doesn't that sound familiar!?). Here's a rundown of the past week!
Last Saturday, I ran in my second 5K at the Dam to Dam in Des Moines. For you non-runners (that would be me!) here is a picture of the chip we wore on our shoe that clocked our time as we crossed the start and finish lines. A lot less glamorous than I would have imagined! :) According to the D2D site, I ran the 5K in about 34 minutes. My watch said more like 32ish minutes, but because of the chip, they might be more accurate. That means I didn't beat my first time, but like our shirts said...."the miracle isn't that i finished the race, the miracle is that i had the courage to start."

After my race, I high-tailed it back to Ames to pack up the girls and head to Lake Mills. A small family gathering was planned and it was a great time. On Sunday, we (nana, papa, ric, kiki, c, me, myah and maysen) went golfing. Ok, so only four people actually played golf, and the rest of us rode along! I'm pretty sure uncle c has been waiting for this day since M&M were born. Watch out WPGA!.....the Smith twins are on the rise and just might be the world's youngest professional golfers someday. We made it 18 holes with smiles and good attitudes still in tact!

On Monday, I had a work day at school to get everything put away for the summer and even got to write some curriculum maps (yippee......that's sarcastic by the way). Tuesday morning, we headed to the Omaha zoo where we met grandma, grandpa, uncle brent, aunt jamie, and cousin caden. Our drive started out with some rain, but it ended up being a humid day with the sun shining!

Myah and Maysen watching the baby gorilla.
Checking out the Siberian Tiger with Grandpa.
The Three Muskateers (they held hands like this for quite a while)
Sitting on top of the gorilla statues.
Watching the stingray, fish, sharks, turtles, etc swin above our heads.
Small money up close.
Crossing the jungle bridge
Sloth sleeping in the tree.
Riding the train around the zoo....towards the end of the day....they were tired :)
Feeding the fish with daddy.
The four of us stayed over night in Omaha and went to Spaghetti Works for supper.

Back at home, we're tired from the past busy days, but of course, we're ready to do it again next week. Swimming lessons and grad classes start on Monday, and play dates are scheduled. Check in again soon. For now, here are two adorable pictures of my M&Ms as they are always pretending and role playing. Here, I think they are pretending to be me getting ready to walk out the door and go to the store. Aren't they glamorous!

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  1. love this blog post!

    first, i need to say how awesome the girls were all 18 holes of golf!

    and it's so cute how all three cousins are holding hands at the zoo.

    what was myah's crown from?

    p.s. i think i can finally tell them apart from the back :)