Wednesday, October 27, 2010

B's Quality

I'm not trying to give you 6 loyal readers whiplash today by posting more than once :)
Heidi is starting a 'Talk to me Tuesday" portion of her blog, and she posted the following question:
What's your spouse's best quality?
My response:
B is a great communicator. I feel that many relationships struggle because communication is not a top priority. We have a very open (in many senses of the word) household and it functions because I'm organized and B communicates his needs. Seems corny to put it in writing it really is the quality that keeps our family sane and functioning as smoothly as possible :)

Of course, there are 1,000 other things I could have put, like: he's a GREAT dad (especially for daughters-not all dad's are!), he loves me unconditionally, he's patient (most of the time), he works hard, he's supportive, he let's me run the household! :)
Love you, Babe!

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