Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Though tomorrow is officially Halloween, we at the Smith household are ready to move on to the next holiday. Ames declared Friday, October 29th as the official trick-or-treating night because of ISU Homecoming on Saturday. They are predicting an increased number of cars and higher traffic and wanted the kids to trick-or-treat safely before this influx occured.
The past two years, we have trick-or-treated in Lake Mills so it was fun for the girls to visit our neighbors and friends on this fun night. They really got into it this year. They ran from door to door (after we talked about the fact that we only go to homes with the lights on) so fast that this pregnant mama couldn't quite keep up :)
The Dragonfly Fairy (Maysen) and Butterfly Fairy (Myah) ready to head out!
On our way to the first neighbor's house. Maysen pointing "I want to go to that house!"
Another neighbor just down the street.
Myah turning back to say her 'Thank you!"
Starting to get dark, but we had to make one last stop to Jess and Steve's!
After trick-or-treating, our friends Mario and Luigi (aka Bryce and Jacob) stopped by for a visit.

Saturday called for an early morning (nothing atypical at our house) for ISU tailgating! It was a bit cool in the morning but ended up being a beautiful day around 65 degrees!
Cousin Caden was down to tailgate with us!!

They really are the Three Muskateers!
We weren't lucky enough to see the 'real' Cy today so a bronze statue will have to do.
Maysen just chillin' in the rocks.
The Braided Beauties (thanks, Jess!) enjoyed the Marching Band once again!

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  1. i am missing your entire family so much right now. get ready for some squeezes next weekend!