Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Addition Edition

***We did get to Lake Mills for Thanksgiving.....twice actually. The weekend before Thanksgiving, the girls and I went up to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. Brandon always jokes that that side of my family is "so big" we have to rent out the community center for Thanksgiving.

***The Saturday after Thanksgiving was with my mom's side. We were all there minus Jaci and Michael (who had special relatives visiting the states (Michigan) so they went there, but we'll see them over Christmas), Sam and Sabrina (who live in California and have to be selective as to when they choose to travel to Iowa), and Ben (who lives in Nebraska--but honestly, I don't know why he didn't come....sorry, honesty hurts sometimes). Many of the cousins went to the movie RED that night. Definitely worth seeing. We all got up fairly early on Sunday to put up mom and dad's tree, take a Christmas picture in our stocking hats because no one wanted to shower and get gussied up, and go to breakfast at Denny's in Clear Lake on our way home. It's a good stopping point to refuel for the drive south. There's also a story missing about the creepy Santa...but that's for another day (but don't let me forget).

Sorry to my family who thought I was purposely leaving them out of the Thanksgiving blog.....it wasn't on purpose.

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