Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny was good to us again this year.....but he said we had to go to church before he would visit since that's where the true meaning of Easter is learned!
Here's a conversation that occurred at our house on the evening of Good Friday. On the nightly news (which is rarely on at our house), Katie Couric was talking about how people in Jerusalem walked Jesus's path on the way to the cross to die.

Maysen: Jesus died?
Me: Yes, baby, he did.
Maysen: Why did he die?
Me: He died for our sins because he loves you.
Maysen: He loves me? (With a big smile on her face--she thought that was pretty cool).
Melts my heart and lets me know that we are raising our kids right--in the way of the Lord--and that they actually do pick up bits and pieces from going to Sunday School each week!!

We were able to have our first picture taken of all 5 of us....can't believe it took so long...Mylie is 7 weeks old tomorrow! Aren't we a cute bunch??

Then, after church the Easter egg hunt commenced and the loot was gathered :) My parents and brother had joined us for church, and then my sister and her husband joined all of us for Easter lunch.

Easter is a difficult time for many people because it's another time when they are reminded of loved ones they've lost and difficult times they've gone through. The days leading up to Easter were filled with darkness and sadness, but then Sunday comes and gives us hope. "In the dark times in your life remember the true meaning of Easter; that even though sometimes it still feels like Friday, Sunday is coming" - Rev. Scott Grotewold


  1. what a precious little conversation with maysen.

  2. You bet...Sunday is coming! And no, cute doesn't do your 'bunch' justice... You're gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful! :) Love ya!