Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Week

We are almost half way through our busiest week of the summer! Bible School started yesterday, and not only do I have to get Myah and Maysen up, dressed, and out the door by 8:30, but I also have to scoot myself out because I volunteered to organize the snack for each day. I wanted to be involved in planning and helping with Bible School, but I couldn't commit to 3 hours each day since I'm still nursing Mylie. The theme is year is "Shake It Up Cafe" so it has a cooking theme and talks about the Bible being a recipe for how to live our lives. Here's what I came up with for snacks:
Monday: Vegetable Pizza Faces (pita bread, ranch dressing, vegetables, shredded cheese)
Tuesday: Snack mix (raisins, cheerios, golden grahams, mms, oyster crackers, wheat chex)
Wednesday: Fruit Kabobs (strawberries, canteloupe, grapes, cheese cubes, mini marshmallows)
Thursday: Cookies
Friday: Flavored yogurt and banana halves

Here's a picture of the vegetable pizza faces and Myah and Maysen's preschool group enjoying their snack.

From Bible School, we scurried to gymnastics. Tuesdays at 11:05 for the next 6 weeks, the girls are going to give gymnastics a try. When I asked them what their favorite part of gymnastics were today, Maysen said 'I liked eveything we did!' They loved it. I have a feeling we'll be doing both dance and gymnastics this fall instead of choosing between the two :)

They tried the balance beam:

Sommersaults on the wedge mat:

Learning straight and straddle jumpes to do on the vault:

They also got to try the bars.

To round out the day, the girls had swimming lessons. These started last week and we go twice a week for the month of June. I was a little hesitant about the lessons and hoped that the girls weren't going to be bored since we do go swimming a lot. I am very pleased they are in a class of only 4 kids and they spend most of the time working on back and front floats and glides, which are critical skills (I am a WSI you know!!). They are doing great and love going to lessons!

Are you worn out from our busy schedule?? We sure were today and the girls were begging to go to bed tonight! Of course, we wouldn't be able to do all of these things if this girl wasn't such a trooper!!

She's such a good girl and so easy going that we just haul her along. She loves being part of the action and is on a pretty good eating schedule so I know if I'll have to nurse her while we're out or not.

We're trying a new crock pot recipe tomorrow so be sure to check back soon!!


  1. Those little pizzas are cute! You guys are so busy! I love watching the girls try new things :)

    And don't you worry, I check back every day to see what's new :)