Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stay At Home Day

Saturday is a 'stay at home day' according to Myah and Maysen because they don't have school. However, we haven't really stayed at home much today. I'm hoping we'll be more home bodies tomorrow after church.
This morning, I washed all of the sheets and remade all of the beds just as I do every other Saturday morning. In between loads and making beds, we had craft time--two crafts today, though they were small.
1) Valentines Frame (Target-set of two for $2.00)

2) Heart Mobiles (edited idea from Kelle Hampton)
Heart Ribbon, Heart stickers, Foam Hearts all purchased at Hobby Lobby

Earlier in the week, I overheard someone at work talking about how admission to Reiman Gardens was free this weekend. I called over there yesterday to double check, and they said 'yes, with a canned food donation.' When we went this past summer, we missed the Butterfly Garden because we weren't aware that it closes half an hour before the rest of the gardens. I figured, today would be a great day to go! The conservatory was also fun to see because it gave us a preview of this summer's theme : Picnics and ANTics. We learned all about Ant colonies and were able to watch ants gather leaves to decompose into fungus in their ant farms. We'll have to go back for the full display this summer!

Next stop: Dairy Queen!! The Dairy Queens in Ames, Story City, Nevada (and other surrounding areas) were having a Blizzard Alert! 1/2 price blizzards for today only! Who can pass that up?? That's like a new holiday, right?? Brandon had cookie dough, I had peanut butter cup....and the girls had a little of each!
We headed on home for a short nap (we all needed it to be longer)....and then off to a gymnastics birthday party! So much for a 'stay at home day,' huh!?!?! What does your 'stay at home day' look like??


  1. What a wonderful day! Next time you hear about free admission to Reiman Gardens let me know! Sounds like my kind of fun! And love the crafts!!!

  2. What a great day! The girls are so cute with their mobiles. And Reiman Gardens looks like it was a perfect taste of spring. Also, I think I need to hear more about this gymnastics birthday party! Wow!