Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

Well...I survived it! My first night away from my children where it was someone other than my husband taking care of my pride and joy.
At the end of December, I confirmed a date with Kelsey and Eric and made reservations at a hotel in Des Moines for Brandon and I to insure that this weekend getaway was actually going to happen.
Sign above the kitchen sink in our hotel room.....perfect!!

On Thursday, I received an email from Stoney Creek Inn, where I had made our reservations, that they were 'ready for our stay' and if there was anything they could do to make our stay more enjoyable, to let them know. Totally out of character for me, I emailed them back explaining the purpose of our stay (a couple's retreat....first night away from our kids...third child on the way) and requested a free upgrade. Wish granted...just like that...all I had to do was ask. I had booked us for a Standard King room ($89 per night) and we got upgraded to an Extended Stay King Room at the Cottages ($180 per night) for no extra cost. It had a full kitchen, a bathroom bigger than the one in our hallway, and a couch seating area with a second flat-screen TV in a small room just off the bedroom.

If you're ever looking for a great place to stay....with excellent hospitality, I encourage you to try Stoney Creek. Since we were staying at the Cottages (which is actually a separate building from the main lodge), we got a more upscale hot breakfast in the morning where the concierge made omlets, belgain waffles, and french toast upon request. We also got a little goodybag outside our door on Sunday morning with a bottle of water, small bag of Sun Chips, and a twix.

Our actual getaway, started by dropping off the girls at Kiki and Ric's around 1:30. After giving them the low-down, we were off. Our first stop: Babies R Us. I know, I know....the purpose was to have time AWAY from our kids and take time for us. However, we couldn't check in until 3 and we don't have a Babies R Us in Ames. Besides....once you're a parent, you're always a parent. We purchased a laundry hamper and changing pad cover for Miss M's room as well as an outfit for her to wear home from the hospital.
Our next stop was Valley West Mall where we spent MAYBE 10 joke. We just weren't in the mood to shop....we didn't really need anything.....that wasn't the purpose of our trip.....we were tired. So we headed to the hotel. Once checked in, we took a nap--an hour and a half nap. Exciting, aren't we!! We are totally ok with this because 1) we were together and 2) we are used to getting a nap on Saturdays. With as busy as we've been lately, and as busy as we will become once Baby M arrives, we deserved a nap.
When we woke up around 5, we were planning to call Texas Roadhouse and put in our name since they allow you to do call ahead seating. The line was continually busy for 15 minutes so we decided to drive over there (just across the road) and see how long of a wait it was. 80-90 minutes. We weren't willing to wait that long, so we drove around to find someplace else. We ended up at Brickhouse American Grille. Besides having to miss out on Texas Roadhouse's amazing rolls, we were totally pleased with this location. When I ran into Texas Roadhouse to see how long the wait was, there was blaring loud music and about 100 people waiting to be seated...not exactly the relaxing escape I was looking for. At Brickhouse, the lights were dimmed (but not too low), the music was at an appropriate volume, and there was a perfect amount of people there. I shed my first tear when a couple was seated across from us with their 2 1/2ish year old daughter. I didn't cry, but I missed my girls. So I texted Kelsey to see what they were doing--they were building a fort in the basement --and I felt better.
Before we left for dinner, we tried to check which movies were available for rent from our hotel room. Unfortunately, their movie programs were down for the weekend (the one disappointment we had with our hotel choice). We decided to go to the early showing of Little Fockers. It was cute...not great...but cute. I did shed my second tear during it because they have twins, which always gets my heart strings, and it made the movie a little more relative to Brandon and I.
We went back to the hotel and had lights off by 10:30---like I said, we're exciting :) We were able to sleep in--or at least lay in bed until almost 8:30 with out anyone calling from the next room 'Is it wake up time?' We picked up the girls around 10:00. We had a great time!!

Once back at home, we were back to the old routine--making the menu for the week, buying groceries, and doing laundry. The girls wanted to do a craft, so we began working on their Valentines.

A little early, I know, BUT it's things like this that I just want to get done in case I should deliver early. I'm starting to nest a little bit and get my 'ducks in a row.'

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great time! We enjoyed bonding with your precious littles!