Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Resolve...

I left my digital camera at our final Christmas get-together so I can't share pics of our 'boji trip, New Year's, etc until I get it back.'re stuck with just my words instead.
It's a new year at the Smith household, and everywhere I suppose-but it's a year with a big change in store for us. We will be welcoming baby M in just 8 1/2 short weeks. I've got a few things to get done before then, but I suppose, for the most part, I'm ready for her arrival. I mean we've been through this before, we have plenty of clothes, and all of the necessities. I also have two little helpers who are ready and eager that I didn't have the first time is great!
However, seeing that countdown (8 1/2 weeks) makes me panic just a little bit because there are a few things I want to get in our routines before she arrives. I'm not concerned about not being able to love all of my littles enough because my heart is bursting all of the time for all three of them. My concern is that they know and feel that love all of the time. I don't want M&M to feel that baby M (am I going to have to start calling them M&M&M???) has taken anything away from them. I want there to be parts of the day and routines that M1 and M2 (maybe that works?) know are just for them and those are their special times with mommy. BUT I also want M&M to be seen more as separate entities than I think they have been in the past. Brandon and I work hard to see them as individuals, but I think it's hard for other people to do that.
Ok....I'm rambling.....what I really want to do is to put my New Year's Resolutions in writing so I'm more apt to do them. Here we go:
1. I will try to watch a little bit of the nightly news each day. Brandon and I never watch anything at the time it actually airs (thanks to our DVR) unless it's on Nick Jr. Sadly, there is no news on Nick Jr. I am very much out-of-touch with the world.
2. I vow to get M&M's teeth brushed more than the twice a week that's been happening. Embarrassing, yes, but true that is only actually happens this often with an adult helping and making sure a good job gets done.
3. We have added more story time to our nightly routine. We've had to get jammies on earlier and pile onto mommy and daddy's bed earlier to fit it in, but it wasn't happening nightly as I wanted it to. We still watch a half hour of TV before bed, with a story before the show. We have also added our bedtime prayer and a few nightime songs (Moon, Moon, Moon and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). The girls have clung to these rituals very tightly already in just the meer week we've been doing them and they don't let me forget....I love being held accountable, I really do!
4. I plan to arrange a special day to spend with each of my children individually. A special outing or event that is just for them to be with mommy and daddy alone. I saw Jon and Kate do this and I think it's very important so that each child's interests and hobbies get noticed and explored. This mostly focuses on Myah and Maysen this year as the baby will have plenty of one-on-one time.
5. Lastly, I will continue to "let things go." My life is going to get crazy...really fast. I need to settle down on my control-freakishness and just let things happen.

There you have it resolutions. I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2011.

For those of you who read my seven secrets....
Brandon and I will be having a weekend getaway in a few weeks where both of us will be away from M&M overnight at the same time. In more than 3 1/2 years, this hasn't happened. We have reservations made to ensure it will actually happen so stay tuned for that experience. My sister and brother-in-law are very excited to have the girls overnight. Don't worry, we'll be only 9.1 miles away (according to I will survive it!!

What big thing do you have planned for 2011??


  1. How are you managing a get away during Basketball season??? I'm jealous. :) And can't wait to meet 3M.

  2. Hey...we don't brush our teeth any more than that at our house most weeks either... Ugh. We need your routines, Karijane! Super excited about next week... Heart ya!

  3. Kari, I have control issues too and someone who I've been talking to about it helped me see that underlying my need to control is fear (fear that someone else won't do it right, fear of what someone else will think, fear for the safety of my kid, etc). I am starting to see the fear and kick it out by the authority I have in Christ. This is really new but so far so good. :D
    It was good to read your blog today since I won't see you in person for a while! Nap time...

  4. i have so much love for your family! i want to have dates with the girls, too. maybe both of the girls after the baby is born? can't wait to meet baby m!