Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was a very busy one....especially for me (mom) because I had to plan food, activities, etc and orchestrate that everything gets done. Most of you know that I'm not a good designator. Life functions best when I just do things because I know how I want them done....what happened to 'letting things go', right??

On Saturday, we celebrated Myah and Maysen's upcoming birthday with their friends. It was a joint party with their friend, Trevor. Remember the record highs we had last week (98 degrees here last Tuesday)? Well, that was not the situation on Saturday. It was 45ish degrees, windy, and misty. Not the best day for a birthday party. Luckily, we had planned to have the party at Black's Heritage Farm and the fee included the rental of a cabin. We were able to have cake and ice cream and open presents inside, which was great.

M&M ready to head out for their friend birthday party.

The birthday kids! (Myah, Maysen, Trevor)

The crew of friends!

Their teachers were invited, too! AND they decided to come on their day off from these three and four-year-olds. Miss Tina and Miss Nichole

Each child got a Pony ride.
Myah's Turn

Maysen's turn

There were animals to pet and feed:


Pot Bellied Pigs




Getting ready to blow out their candles. We sang Happy Birthday three times, of course, so each could have their special turn. First Maysen, then Trevor, then Myah.

Tonja (Trevor's mom) made Pin the Bow on Minnie and Pin the Ears on Mickey games.

Plenty of gifts were opened! When you have twins, you bring home twice the number of gifts...yikes!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Mylie's baptism at church. All of our immediate family members were present as well as a few select close friends....these special people made the day extra special as we declared that we will work together to raise Mylie as a child of God.

The banner at the church and cake at the luncheon.

Mylie chilled with Papa during the church service. Not like this, though, she slept on his shoulder....too sweet!

My Uncle Scott is the pastor at our church (Collegiate United Methodist Church) and baptised Mylie. It's extra special to have had all three of my daughted baptised by him. Of course, I was baptised by him, also, so it's a neat family tradition.

Family Pictures:
The Smiths

Joined by sponsors Kelsey and Eric Williams

Joined by Kari's parents, Leon and Jane Christianson

Joined by Brandon's parents, Denny and Donna Smith

Joined by Kari's maternal grandparents, Don and Doris Grotewold

Joined by Kari's paternal grandmother, Dorothy Christianson

Four generations of great-grandmothers, grandmothers, moms, and daughters


  1. WHOA presents.
    looks like that was a great place to have the party!

  2. I can't believe how big Mylie is getting! You sure had a busy weekend.

  3. I was kind of hoping for a picture of the bulletin. ;) What a great weekend! Love you guys!