Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'd like to take a minute and redeem myself from the pitiful pictures of our dinner on Wednesday (plus Brandon said this meal deserved a spot on the blog). We had almost finished eating on Wednesday when I remembered to take a photo, which is the main reason it was so awful.

Friday night, we took full advantage of the wonderful weather we've been having. The girls ran around on the patio while Brandon grilled steaks for all of us. If we were to go out to eat, we would think it's totally insane to order our kids steak (unless we're at Northwest Steakhouse!!). We know they don't appreciate it, but they sure eat it darn well!!

We ate:
Omaha Steaks (not sure on the cut--we bought a large bulk of meat this winter and pull things out occasionally)
Green Beans (per Maysen's request--frozen from the Schwan's man)
Garlic Croissants (courtesy of Pillsbury--I like garlic, but they were a bit too garlicy for me)
Cottage Cheese and/or Applesauce

And here's one of the girls' plates. They had seconds on everything....but at least fifths on the meat:)


  1. I thought I caught of swift lovely scent of grilling in the neighborhood! Looks awesome! We are grilling pork chops tonight :)

  2. It was a perfect night to grill and be outside! And I love Maysen's plate...I suppose baby M will need one of those eventually! :)

  3. Looks like a delicious meal! My girls chow down on steak too! We can't cut it fast enough for them! It is funny!