Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm not the only one.... I, the self-proclaimed control freak....and I just read Kelle's latest post. I don't know Kelle, but I talk about her like I do. She's a mom....and a wife.....and a professional. I just wanted to share a quote from her blog because it's exactly something I would post, and exactly something that I feel (very passionately mind you!).

Here it is:
"We don't have to be defined by motherhood because there's an intricate infrastructure of talents and dreams and passions that makes us women who are strong enough to stand alone. And yet, ask any mother and she'll probably tell you there's nothing more incredible she'd rather be defined by than the amazingness of her littles and her family."

It's not like I ever thought I'm the only mom in the world who feels this way, but there it was, in someone else's writing, to comfort me in the fact that I'm not the only one who's so in love with being a mom and lives life to the fullest for her children.

Just wanted to share....


  1. Funny, Kari...I thought the same thing when I read her post today. And I, too, talk about her like I know her. I wait and wait for her to follow our blogs...and invite us to Naples. Or the Isle of Capri...I can't even imagine. Tomorrow, lady! We'll see ya! And...did we decide? Should we come to you this time? I think it's our turn. Wanna just call me after your hair? Talk to you soon! Hearts!!

  2. I don't yet understand it, but thanks for sharing! :)